Englisch mit Maggie

Dear Sir or Madam,

Sie finden hier die von Maggie Kiessling (Englischlehrerin im Altstadthaus) verfasste Geschichte „The Bridge“.

Für die Aktivierung Ihrer Sinne und einem besseren Lernen steht Ihnen „The Bridge“ als Text aber auch als Hördatei zur Verfügung.

Die Geschichte hat aber kein Ende, hierzu ist Ihre Kreativität gefragt!

Hören Sie sich „The Bridge“ an, lesen Sie mit und beenden die Geschichte. Das Ende ist Ihnen überlassen.

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have fun!


"The Bridge“ zum Anhören

The Bridge

Once upon a time, a long long time ago, there was an old woman called Gwen who lived in a small house close to a river. Unfortunately the river was very wild and fast and Gwen often wished that there was a bridge so that she did not have to walk so far to the nearby village. The village was only across the river but the next bridge was half an hour to walk and the same way back.

Gwen was a very happy woman. She had two animals: her little dog named Archie and her cow called Elsa. Every morning Gwen milked her cow. She gave some milk to Archie and she made cheese with the rest. Once a week she walked up the river, crossed the bridge and sold the cheese on the market of the village. She also baked her own bread. She was always very busy and enjoyed her simple life.

One night there was a big storm. The wind was very heavy and the rain poured down. Thunder and lightning lit up the sky. Gwen was afraid that the river would flood her house. But, thank God, this didn’t happen.

The next morning the sun shone again and she went out to milk Elsa. But she couldn’t find her. She looked everywhere. In front of the house, behind the house, in the near forest. Archie helped her to search Elsa. Suddenly Archie stood at the river and barked: “Woof, woof, woof”. When Gwen looked to the other side of the river she finally discovered that Elsa was eating grass on the other side of the river.

“Oh Elsa, how did you get there?” she shouted to the cow. “And how can you come back to our side?” Elsa wasn’t interested, she kept on eating the fresh grass on the other side. Elsa was helpless. She shook her head and wondered what she could do. Suddenly she heard a voice: “I can help you!” When Gwen looked up she saw a tall man with a black coat and a black hat .

“Who are you?” asked Gwen.
“That doesn’t matter, Gwen. Shall I help you?”
“How can you help me?” Gwen asked.
“I am a magic bridge builder and I can build a bridge for you.”
“Can you?” asked Gwen.
“Yes, I can.” “But I can’t pay you a lot.” Gwen sighed.
“If you give me the first living thing to cross the bridge, that’s enough.”

Gwen thought for a moment then she agreed. “Ok, the bridge will be ready in one hour. Please leave me alone now.” Gwen went into her house and started to bake bread. Who was the stranger? And how could he build a bridge in only one hour? And why did he know her name? Well, Gwen was old, but she wasn’t stupid. In fact she was very clever.

She thought for a while and then she had an idea. ............